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As I am an application developer, I have multiple projects running at the same time. Here is a list of projects I work on at the moment:

Check it out: click here


Vana is a MapleStory Global server emulator, which is made by several people, and is coded in C++ and is multi-platform.

Maple World Load Requestor / GMS Loads

This is a client that is able to connect to the official MapleStory servers and requests the amount of people online by using a glitch in the servers that I found myself. This client is able to run 24/7 without disconnecting and reports any server crashes in the console. All data will be shown on the MapleStory World Load Requestor page.


KryptoDiamondMS (KDMS)

This is my own MapleStory server emulator, but instead of MapleStory Global, its made for MapleStory Korea and is coded in C#. You can find the source here.


Partout Support

Partout support is the website of my step-sister. She had a couple problems about updating her website's content, so she asked me if I knew a way to make this better, and as always: I did and succeeded!